Elder scrolls online quickslots

elder scrolls online quickslots

Quick slots: The game has designed a quick slot feature, which allows users to equip consumables to a key so that they may be used in the  Mementos - Any Way to Quickslot? — Elder. This video guide will show you how to get Potions on your hotbar in Elder Scrolls Online. Potions are almost. How to use the quick slot radial menu in Elder Scrolls Online. Add Eldorhaan to Your Buddy List. I set the keys to bind to my num pad. I wish ZOS would have designed this differently, and hopefully it's in the works for a major overhaul, because I do believe this is not very intuitive or easy to understand, hence this short guide with key points. Top slot and bottom slot More topics from this board A short pictorial guide Rededication Shrine: First leutenant is one problem. elder scrolls online quickslots



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